5 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Posted by on Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 at 9:28am.

If you’re anything like me, you’re starting to panic about your Halloween costume. This is the favourite weekend of the year for many; a time where both adults and children get to dress up as whatever or whoever they want to, and let their inhibitions go just a little bit. While some have their costumes planned out months ahead, many of us wait it out – wait for the perfect costume to come our way – and when that doesn’t happen, we have to resort to last-minute DIY options.

So, to make it easier for those who are late to the party this year, here are 5 Great DIY Halloween Costumes:

Raining Cats & Dogs
Get an umbrella and several stuffed cat and dog toys. Use a hot glue gun or crazy glue to stick the stuffed animals to the top of the umbrella, as well as a couple along the edge so they hang off (like dripping water). Throw on a pair of rubber boots and a rain coat to complete the outfit.

Smartie Pants
Easiest costume ever – just glue empty Smartie boxes to an old pair of pants!

This one takes some work, but is great in the end. Choose an outfit (an old one that you don’t mind throwing out afterward) and lay it out in front of your car. Use some non-toxic black paint (like finger paint) to coat part of your tire. Drive over the outfit, only as far as your tire has been painted, and repeat until the tire print goes fully across it. Tear up the clothes a little bit to make them look worn out, and get some fake fur from a fabric store to poke out the holes, the neck, and the wrists.

Troll Doll
This one is for anyone with long hair who doesn’t mind baring it all (or at least looking like you are!). Go out and buy a nude-coloured full body suit (available at American Apparel). Alternately, get a pair of nude leggings and a matching top. You’ll also need a bottle of extra-strong hold hairspray, and a coloured hairspray (available at drugstores). Put the bodysuit/nude outfit on, and then put your head down so your hair hangs straight down. Next, spray away! You will want to use nearly the entire bottle of hairspray, ensuring you get all of your hair (not just the outer layer) and the roots; you may want to have a friend help you and spray outside so you’re not breathing the hairspray in. Let it dry completely, and then cover with a good, thick layer of the coloured spray – let dry. Bonus points for gluing a gem to the belly button area on your bodysuit (like the trolls, above).

The only supplies needed for this costume are several rolls of gauze, and clear medical tape. Start with an extremely tight outfit (the more neutral, the better, and then wrap away! Wrap your entire body with the gauze (you’ll probably need a friend to help), and then finish up with your face, leaving your eyes and mouth uncovered. Save money by replacing the gauze with white paper streamers or toilet paper.

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