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Calgary Real Estate - Third Quarter Report 2017

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November saw changes to all over the board for Calgary Real Estate. While it remains a buyers market, there are still many pros and cons for both buyers and sellers.

- Market Status dropped to 4.41 months of inventory, but it is still a buyer's market.

- The average sold price dropped a dramatic 14.41% from $484,849 to $414,979. Could be a great time for buyers to get a better price on a higher end home.

- Single family detached homes are selling for 2% less, falling in price from $556,372 to $545,221.

- Compared to last month, apartment condo are selling for 2.44% more, rising in price from $284,182 to $291,111.

- The average sold price of townhomes stayed about the same, moving only 0.23%, or an increase of $970.

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October was another strong month for Buyers in Calgary Real Estate. Inventory was at 4.69 months, a significant jump from last month, and the highest we've seen in over a year and a half (since February 2016).


As previously mentioned, inventory is the highest it's been since February 2016. There is plenty of selection with more active listings this month, than any other month this year, 6,861 active listings to be exact. While the average sold price did increase slightly (by 1.37%), the price of apartments dropped 1.21% from $287,663 to $284,182. The market appears to be strong, as this is the fourth consecutive month with an increase in market status (number of months of inventory).

Whether you're ready to buy and just looking for the

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Fall is just around the corner and Calgary's Real Estate Market is starting to cool from the Summer rush.


For the second month in a row, Calgary is in a Buyer's Market with 4.13 months of inventory. The average price of a home stayed about the same, only dropping 0.06%, or a decrease of only $310. The price of detached homes fell, while the price of apartments and attached homes rose slightly. Inventory levels didn't change much, but homes are still selling slower, so you may be able to negotiate a better transaction deal. 

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This month Calgary's real estate market has tipped slightly back into a Buyer's Market. This is the first time since January 2017 that Inventory has risen above 4 months. 

There are many advantages to both homeowners looking to sell, as well as buyers looking to get into the market.


Last month the average price of a home dropped by 4.5%, from $501,210 to $478,621. This included a drop in all 3 segments. Detached homes dropped 2.73% from $570,084 to $554,544. Apartments dropped 11.35% from $323,574 to $286,838. And lastly, attached/townhomes dropped 1.28% from $406,142 to $400,954.

With 4 months of inventory, you will have lots of selection for choosing the right home for you. Compared to last month, homes are selling 11.63% slower, so

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Calgary's real estate market performed strong last month and it remains a balanced market (3.11 months of inventory). There are many advantages to both homeowners looking to sell right now, as well as buyers looking to get into the market.

Sellers: Deciding to put your home on the market is a big decision. Here are some important statistics to consider.

If you've been looking for the right time to sell your condo, now is it. Last month, the price of condos rose 9%, jumping from $296,798 to $323,574. Attached townhouses also rose in price by 1%, from $401,904 to $406,142. Almost 5% more homes are selling at or above asking price. Compared to this time last year, 76.5% more homes are selling at or above asking price, so prices appear to be holding

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It is a Balanced Market in Calgary, with inventory sitting at 2.92 months. With a Neutral market comes pros and cons for both Buyers and Sellers. Here are some statistics to consider from last month:

As already mentioned, it remains a Balanced Market in Calgary with inventory sitting at 2.92 months. It has been a Neutral Market since February 2017. This month, the average sold price of a home was $503,846. This was up 1.7% from last month when it was $495,387. It is also up 2.4% from May 2016 when the average sold price was $491,832. Breaking that number down, the sold price of detached homes are up, while the price of attached townhomes and apartments are both down. Last month the sold price of attached homes fell a surprising 7.6% from $434,943 to

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It remains a Balanced Market in Calgary. Since it is a Neutral Market, that means there are pros and cons to consider for both Buyers and Sellers. It can be difficult to determine if now is the right time for you to buy or sell, so the best thing you can do is speak to a Realtor. It looks like home sales are still rebounding in the city, which is great for the housing market. Here are some statistics from last month:

The average sold price rose from $490,534 to $495,387 (an increase of only 1%). This was because the different housing segments performed differently last month. Prices for detached homes fell slightly (-1.52%), while prices were on the rise for condos (8%) and attached homes (4%).

More homes are on the market (an increase of 1.5%),

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Calgary Real Estate - First Quarter Report 2017

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It's a Balanced Market here in Calgary. Home Sales are rebounding according to the Calgary Real Estate Board. Here are some statistics to keep an eye on:

  • Prices rose last month in all 3 segments (detached, attached and condos), with the average price rising from $466,638 to $479,648.
  • The price of Detached homes increased by +2.4%, Attached homes +1.59%, and Apartments +11.26%.
  • Compared to last month, there are 3% more listings on the market, rising from 2,385 to 2,457 homes for sale.
  • 25% more homes are selling at or above listing price.
  • Compared to last month, the odds of selling increased by 30%.
  • Average days on the market fell from 53 to 48 days, meaning that homes are selling 10% faster.

If you're looking to buy, more homes

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